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Now Offering Covid-19 Coronavirus Diagnostic Nasal Swab Results in 48 Hours or Less

By Gregg DeNicola, MD Chief Medical Officer | August 21, 2020

(With apologies to Messrs, Chandler, Hammett, Spade and Marlowe…) THE BIG SLEEPY SWAB  A novella in 5 acts Act 1- The Wife I have two rules. First, I don’t follow any rules. Second, rules are for suckers.  It was a balmy August morning, the early morning fog hovering over my beach town – so thick it made pea soup look like Evian. The town…

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CMO and PDQ Covid-19 Coronavirus Team August Updates

By Gregg DeNicola, MD Chief Medical Officer | August 13, 2020

I’m not looking to fight with youFrighten you or tighten youDrag you downChain you downOr bring you downAll I really want to doIs discuss Covid with you Ok, so we took some liberty with Mr. Dylan’s poetry.  It’s time to look at the path we have traveled the last five months.  We began Covid testing…

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By Gregg DeNicola, MD Chief Medical Officer | August 2, 2020

OK, another game….Let’s pick something “low” complexity, and then counter with the first “high” complexity thing we think of…Ready?? Low complexity……..floating in your pool on a rubber raft.High complexity…taking on Class V rapids in the Grand Canyon. Got it? Easy huh? OK OK let’s do a few more… Low complexity…driving a Kia to the grocery store.High complexity…driving…

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Testing Testing 1-2-3

By Gregg DeNicola, MD Chief Medical Officer | July 16, 2020

COVID 19…Testing…Testing…Testing… 1-2-3     For my fellow baseball fans, this is a good time to recall the beloved Yogi Berra who told a post-game interviewer after a bad loss… “We made too many wrong mistakes.” That sums up my viewpoint on our response to the Covid pandemic, both nationally and here in California. I have been purposely apolitical during the…

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Covid Diagnostic and Antibody Testing Updates for Orange County

By Gregg DeNicola, MD Chief Medical Officer | July 7, 2020

We have been pushing the mantra of– Know if you’re contagious Know if you’re immune  Test. Test. Test.  We are all aware of the large spike in new Covid cases recently. This has created a unprecedented demand for the PCR swab test. We continue to do these curbside on a near daily basis. That will…

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A Word of Caution as We Reopen in California

By Gregg DeNicola, MD Chief Medical Officer | June 12, 2020

As we reopen our cities, schools, restaurants, and theaters, we can celebrate the Covid-19 virus has finally flattened the curve, and new cases are dropping over California.  Just like the flu, the Covid virus is dying off after four months, and society can finally resume life as it was in 2019, before this worldwide nightmare began.…

Group pic of medical providers in masks with thumbs up

Ode to the Mask… A Message from our CMO

By Gregg DeNicola, MD Chief Medical Officer | June 4, 2020

Ode to the Mask (with apologies to any other “Ode to the Mask” ever written) Oh my wondrous mask!You protect me from viruses unknownYou are the mightiest defense I own Oh my magnificent mask!Some accuse that you are a shamOthers say you are worse than spam Oh my beautiful mask!Sometimes you hide a smileOr show an image…

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CMO Perspective on Covid-19 over the Last Two Months

By Gregg DeNicola, MD Chief Medical Officer | May 22, 2020

COVID-19….the first 60 days from the Caduceus perspective.  Caduceus started testing for Covid in mid-March. We began treating patients within days and started accepting referrals in early April. Overall we have tested over 2000 patients in our three OC testing sites and have actively treated over 85 cases with a “Covid Team” approach. Approximately half have recovered; the other half…

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Covid 19- Our CMO Answers Your Questions

By Gregg DeNicola, MD Chief Medical Officer | April 14, 2020

AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM OUR CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER GREGG DENICOLA MD Is this the real life?  Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide; no escape from reality. Freddie Mercury did not know his lyrics would be so prophetic when he wrote them 45 years ago. He asked two very poignant questions but never really answered them,…

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Covid19 Treatment- What You Need to Know

By Gregg DeNicola, MD Chief Medical Officer | April 9, 2020

As more of our patients test positive for COVID19, it’s a good time to look at treatment options. Caduceus and PDQ is actively managing a case load of over 50 cases, all accumulated over the last three weeks. There will be more by the time you read this; we take on additional cases every day.…