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By Gregg DeNicola MD CEO | October 19, 2021

I am Dr. Gregg DeNicola and I am a Covid Long Hauler.I had my first positive PCR on December 13, 2020.I entered the hospital with double Covid pneumonia December 22, 2020 and was transferred to the Covid ICU.I was discharged December 31, 2020.I tested negative January 25, 2021.I was unable to leave the couch and…

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Blog- Monthly Covid Antibody Testing

By Gregg DeNicola MD CEO | August 12, 2021

Yesterday I bought a new Koi for the Caduceus 4 Kids koi pond. I named him “Jeopardy”. That way when people ask me his name I can say in a booming voice: “This! Is! Jeopardy!” Since the passing of Alex Trabek there has been an increased interest in the Jeopardy TV show, with multiple guest hosts. Since…

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The Deets on Delta- FAQ’s on Covid Variant

By Gregg DeNicola MD CEO | July 15, 2021

I have been asked when, as CMO, I would “declare” herd immunity for Covid and we can then move ahead and party like it’s 2019. I earlier announced we should see herd immunity by Halloween, or even Labor Day, and I’m sticking with that forecast. Yet I fear I must announce another “surge” in cases, at least within Caduceus and…

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May Newsletter- Urgent Care Orange County

By Gregg DeNicola MD CEO | May 27, 2021

Sports Physicals $25 Summer is almost here!  Just in time our annual special offered from Memorial Day-Labor Day! This physical helps to assure your child/teen is healthy and physically ready for their chosen activity. At the visit, your provider will review your child’s medical history, conduct an exam, and recommend additional tests and diagnosis if necessary.…

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By Gregg DeNicola MD CEO | April 29, 2021

To all of our very special patients and blog readers: Since our last communication, there have been three developments that I wanted to let everyone know about. First,I wanted to alert everyone to a observation we’ve had here at Caduceus the past few weeks. Yes, we are still doing PCR testing. We still are getting…

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Covid Blog- Herd Immunity OC Urgent Care

By Gregg DeNicola MD CEO | April 19, 2021

A farmhand was helping the farmer with his herd of cows. The farmer asks, “How many cows are in my herd?” “49,” says the farmhand.“Ok then; round them up!”“Ok,fine! You have 50,” says the farmhand. Now that I have you trying to figure this out, I will do something totally out of character for me.  I will make a…

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Covid Blog 2021 Urgent Care Physicals Orange County

By Gregg DeNicola MD CEO | March 16, 2021

With apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan, this is for all you Pirates of Penzance fans who have had to deal with the pandemic over the last year. Pirates of Pandemic Patter(to be sung at a rapid tempo) After all the quarantine it’s time to move around, even danceAsk Gilbert and Sullivan; sing along to Pirates of Penzance You…

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Covid PCR, Antibody, Vaccine OC FAQ’s- What Now?

By Gregg DeNicola MD CEO | February 18, 2021

Sometimes, trends change just because that’s what trends do….think -popcorn ceilings. We like them (ok, our parents liked them) then we don’t – and prefer a different trend.  Other times, the new trend is due to a change in circumstances—think -gas powered SUV’s replaced by electric cars as being in vogue to reduce carbon footprints…

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CMO Covid Orange County Urgent Care Blog- Shares his story

By Gregg DeNicola MD CEO | January 26, 2021

It was 3 PM on my second day in the hospital–Christmas Eve- and was due to have a half hour IV infusion of Remdesivir for my Covid pneumonia.  I looked up at the IV bottle. It was a dark glass container, looking identical to an upside down Kahlua bottle. More bothersome – there were three…

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CMO Patient Bulletin

By Gregg DeNicola MD CEO | December 21, 2020

Special Bulletin- To all PDQ Patients- A Special Bulletin I am sure you are all aware the numbers are increasing at such a rapid rate, it has now come to the point we cannot keep up with the volume. Partially due to the upcoming holiday, as well as the fact we have been leading the pack in terms of Covid…