CEO BLOG- Matthew Perry’s Untimely Death. What Lessons Can We Learn to Avoid the Same Fate?

By Gregg DeNicola MD CEO | November 21, 2023

Last night I forgot to ask my wife to join me in the Jacuzzi. I was really in hot water. Ok, perhaps it isn’t the best idea to start a blog about Matthews Perry’s death with a Jacuzzi joke. Yet I feel Chandler Bing would have approved. “If meeting my maker can be used to bring a smile to thousands of…

CEO BLOG- Allergies…A Silent Killer

By Gregg DeNicola MD CEO | November 21, 2023

Many of you know I love to eat. And being Italian by heritage, I also love to cook, especially Italian food. I’m proud to have raised two doctors, one is a hemopathologist and the other an ob-gyn & Caduceus CMO. I’m equally proud that my love of cooking also spawned an executive chef.  Although I love making up my own…

Protecting Our Community: Seasonal Vaccines for Influenza, COVID-19, and RSV

By Nathaniel DeNicola MD CMO | November 21, 2023

As we enter autumn, we have many fall highlights ahead: Halloween costume planning, all variety of food and drink dipped in pumpkin spice magic, and even our southern California version of sweater weather.  Not to mention football!  So the one thing we don’t want to have to worry about is getting sick – or worse…

CEO BLOG- Long Covid FAQ’s… From the Frying Pan into the Fire!

By Gregg DeNicola MD CEO | November 21, 2023

One pill makes you largerAnd one pill makes you smallAnd the ones that mother gives youDon’t do anything at all   This could describe doctors during the Covid pandemic. We had no studies, concept of what to give, or what to treat with. In the final analysis, only Paxlovid was approved orally for treatment.  For music…


By Nathaniel DeNicola MD CMO | July 27, 2023

Summertime and the livin’ is easy… From George Gershwin’s opera lullaby to Ella Fitzgerald’s jazzy soundtrack right up to Sublime’s beach-rock sensation, “Summertime” has been synonymous with sunny, soothing goodness. Then Lana Del Rey came along and introduced “summertime sadness”, and who knows what to think? Here at Caduceus we prefer the former, brighter version…

Women sneezing

CMO BLOG- Tis’ the Season- Allergy Testing

By Nathaniel DeNicola MD CMO | June 1, 2023

New Allergy Testing: Scratch and No-Sniff Ah-choo!   Yes it’s that time of year again when April showers have borne May flowers, and with that allergy season arrives in full bloom.  Let’s hope you’re not allergic to puns.  So if you’ve recently noticed a scratchy nose, watery eyes, and sensitive skin – not to worry, we…

Ozempic image and other weight loss injections


By Gregg DeNicola MD CEO | May 19, 2023

The Doubting Doc- Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro…Oh My! Weight Loss FAQ’s Let’s play a short game of Jeopardy… Answer:I need to lose weightI’m overweightI’m obeseI’m fatI’m going to stop eating carbsNo, meatNo, glutenNo, dinnerI’m going to exercise more–at least twice a week Question:What does a typical doctor hear 99 times a day from their patients? Especially post Covid, we are seeing more obesity than ever.…

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month blue ribbon


By Nathaniel DeNicola MD CMO | May 19, 2023

As we near the end of Colorectal Cancer Prevention Month, Caduceus would like to highlight for our patients that awareness of gut health is just the beginning.  With proper education and screening, colon disease can be treated, defeated, or avoided altogether. First, let’s talk about the late form to be avoided: colorectal cancer. It’s the…

stethoscope on keyboard


By Nathaniel DeNicola MD CMO | February 24, 2023

Keep the Spring in your Step In a few weeks we will face that annual ritual of resetting our clocks while reciting, “spring forward, fall back.”  But this year at Caduceus it’s “spring forward, fall not.” That’s right, this spring we are making falls a thing of the past.  Caduceus is proud to announce its…

Keyboard with stethoscope laying on top


By Nathaniel DeNicola MD CMO | January 13, 2023

Aw-chew!Uh oh.  Well maybe it’s nothing… Aw-chewww!Ok that was a good one.  That’s it, get it all out of the system.  Two sneezes and off to wor… Aww-chewwwwy!Oh boy.  What do I do now? You’ve come to the right place.  Here at Caduceus & PDQ Urgent Care we have you covered. The first thing to know is that respiratory…