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By Gregg DeNicola, MD Chief Medical Officer | October 22, 2020

(The author directs readers to watch the films Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety, and The Producers prior to reading this blog. Failure to do so may cause credit-or blame- to be given to the author when it should be directed to Mr. Brooks.) “Life is a play- We’re unrehearsed”–Mel Brooks Our loyal patients probably know PDQ Urgent Care and More was the…

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Top Five Covid FAQ’s- Just the Facts for Orange County

By Gregg DeNicola, MD Chief Medical Officer | October 15, 2020

Mark Twain once said there were three types of lies… “Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics”…meaning we can bend statistics into verifying wrong conclusions.  Mr. Twain actually modified a quote by T.H. Huxley—“There are three types of liars- Liars, Damned Liars, and Experts.”   The more I research Covid and its physiology and treatment, this quote…

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Now Offering Covid Rapid Antigen Testing Urgent Care Orange County

By Gregg DeNicola, MD Chief Medical Officer | October 2, 2020

There’s something happening here…What it is ain’t exactly clear… Stephen Stills had it right in the 80’s. We’ve been dealing with Covid for over six months now, and how do we deal with it? Well- it’s not exactly clear. We will address these issues today: • The newer trends and what Covid has told us•…

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CMO Covid Corner

By Gregg DeNicola, MD Chief Medical Officer | September 27, 2020

URGENT ALERT- As CMO I want to report to our patients a dramatic upswing in POSITIVE Covid19 PCR cases. After seeing a drifting downward of new cases between late August and early September, we are experiencing large numbers of new cases similar to our dark days of April.  We are in the middle of another surge.…

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Covid 19 Coronavirus September Updates- The Hard Facts on Our Progress in Orange County

By Paula | September 4, 2020

CMO Covid Corner A quick visit to the archives for a new take on an old TV show… Who can you trust for Covid-19 advice? Not WHONor FDANor even the CDC blog… Just little ol’ us…We’re UNDERDOG! At Caduceus, we are used to being an underdog. Our entire annual revenue would possibly fit in Kaiser’s petty cash fund.  Mammoth health “systems”…

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Now Offering Covid-19 Coronavirus Diagnostic Nasal Swab Results in 48 Hours or Less

By Gregg DeNicola, MD Chief Medical Officer | August 21, 2020

(With apologies to Messrs, Chandler, Hammett, Spade and Marlowe…) THE BIG SLEEPY SWAB  A novella in 5 acts Act 1- The Wife I have two rules. First, I don’t follow any rules. Second, rules are for suckers.  It was a balmy August morning, the early morning fog hovering over my beach town – so thick it made pea soup look like Evian. The town…

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CMO and PDQ Covid-19 Coronavirus Team August Updates

By Gregg DeNicola, MD Chief Medical Officer | August 13, 2020

I’m not looking to fight with youFrighten you or tighten youDrag you downChain you downOr bring you downAll I really want to doIs discuss Covid with you Ok, so we took some liberty with Mr. Dylan’s poetry.  It’s time to look at the path we have traveled the last five months.  We began Covid testing…

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By Gregg DeNicola, MD Chief Medical Officer | August 2, 2020

OK, another game….Let’s pick something “low” complexity, and then counter with the first “high” complexity thing we think of…Ready?? Low complexity……..floating in your pool on a rubber raft.High complexity…taking on Class V rapids in the Grand Canyon. Got it? Easy huh? OK OK let’s do a few more… Low complexity…driving a Kia to the grocery store.High complexity…driving…

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Testing Testing 1-2-3

By Gregg DeNicola, MD Chief Medical Officer | July 16, 2020

COVID 19…Testing…Testing…Testing… 1-2-3     For my fellow baseball fans, this is a good time to recall the beloved Yogi Berra who told a post-game interviewer after a bad loss… “We made too many wrong mistakes.” That sums up my viewpoint on our response to the Covid pandemic, both nationally and here in California. I have been purposely apolitical during the…

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Covid Diagnostic and Antibody Testing Updates for Orange County

By Gregg DeNicola, MD Chief Medical Officer | July 7, 2020

We have been pushing the mantra of– Know if you’re contagious Know if you’re immune  Test. Test. Test.  We are all aware of the large spike in new Covid cases recently. This has created a unprecedented demand for the PCR swab test. We continue to do these curbside on a near daily basis. That will…