Image of hand in medical glove holding vial of blood

In a world that keeps on pushin’ me around  I’ll stand my ground And I won’t back down.  Tom Petty  Let’s present the actual real-life case of a PDQ married couple I will call Donald and Daisy.  (It’s real except their names of course.) They are both in their 60’s. Both were vaccinated in Feb/March (the brand isn’t important). Being fully vaccinated, they assumed they were safe to travel to the…

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CMO Covid Patient Bulletin Urgent Care Orange County December 2020

cartoon of medical provider with syringe innoculating covid molecule

Special Bulletin- We want to alert our Caduceus and PDQ patients to new developments regarding Covid —the usual disclaimer These apply ONLY to our patients, other health systems may be experiencing different scenarios, or perhaps not reporting them. 1. New presentation of Covid2. Testing shortage looming3. New saliva testing update4. News on vaccinations5. How to reach us 1. New presentation of…

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Testing Testing 1-2-3

coronavirus molecule

COVID 19…Testing…Testing…Testing… 1-2-3     For my fellow baseball fans, this is a good time to recall the beloved Yogi Berra who told a post-game interviewer after a bad loss… “We made too many wrong mistakes.” That sums up my viewpoint on our response to the Covid pandemic, both nationally and here in California. I have been purposely apolitical during the…

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